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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  December 12, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EST

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doyletown 32 this morning. waking up to 34 degrees in swarthmore, newtown square about 34 degrees. sections of south jersey look at mid 40's, fortecoup, 45. we have 45 in somers point. delaware temperature four in delaware and hockessin at 40. cloudy, chilly temperatures on average this morning in the mid 30's but mid 40's later on this afternoon and coming up we will talk about that arctic front and what feels like temperatures will be in the single digits and teens, plus bob kelly, more chances for snow. >> bite your tongue. good morning, everybody. 4:00 o'clock on what is today tuesday morning, back at it, schuylkill expressway crews are back at it as well, eastbound side of the schuylkill expressway all lanes blocked, as you come in toward 30th street station, and can jump off there and come around 30th street or use the vine street expressway. work crews on the blue route 476, southbound but at ramps for schuylkill expressway right here in conshohocken.
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they have within lane getting through, they will be out there until 5:00 o'clock. for gang coming from south jersey not bad at all light volume on the freeway working your way toward the walt whitman bridge, karen and thomas, back to you. bob, thank you. it has been since we lost our carson wentz. we now he is out for the season with that torn acl. december smith tough go the star quarterback is staying positive in the message for wentz wagon. lets get to lauren johnson live at the novacare complex, good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, karen. coach doug pederson spoke here at his weekly monday press briefing and he is asking fans to stay encouraged, and positive. yesterday, about this time, we saw big bird landing back here in philadelphia, carson wentz getting off that plane, a little slow, and that was our first glimpse at him, after that injury. he was careful and clearly injured. doctors did confirm it is an acl tear that has slowed down
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mvp candidate who has had his team on the fast track to the playofs, this was the play, carson scrambled and then ran right into the end zone, yesterday coach pederson says it is hard to say but looking at the film it appears that the injury happened before the act contact. so, carson may have made a wrong move before he dove for six points. doctors tell us he need surgery and his season is over carson took to social media yesterday evening to talk to the fans, about football and faith. >> what is up, everybody. obviously it has been a rough day for me, personally, i'm not going to lie, i have a ton of faith in the world and in his plan but at the end of the day it is still a tough one. >> i'm excited for nick. i hate it for carson wentz. i hate it for the career or the season i guess that he has been having, but at the same time, it has been next man up mentality and that is how we
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approach it this week. >> reporter: for disappointed fans, pederson warns you cannot lose faith now. team has beehilt by injuries all season but bird have remained resilient. he holds the weight on his shoulder to car think team and he believes in nick foles. it is next man up for the eagles, foles is expected to speak here at 12:45 today at the novacare complex. coming up in another half an hour, karen and thomas, more reaction from carson wentz after this season ending injury. >> talk about the pressure for nick, all right, we will see new a moment. hard to say out foresees on with the torn acl. doctor and patient we spoke with said it is common after a collision like the one we saw sunday nice, acl is located inside the middle of the knee, right there and there prevent the knee from coming forward a lot of my patients who injured their acl are football players larks cross, people involved in collision sports. >> we have to wait until swelling will go down that
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will last a couple months to do surgery and then it was, six moss rehab after that in order to start playing again. >> you heard that time line again, still too early to tell but wentz could beside lined for as long as eight months, we will have more in just a moment. lets get to that breaking news out of north philadelphia where an argument at a gas station eruptness gunfire. we know one man is clinging to life as police search for the couple involved in the shooting. steve keeley live from the cities logan neighborhood with more for us this morning, hi there, steve. >> reporter: this was a prime time, prime location, point blank shooting, 31 year-old victim's cadillac parked here just steps from the sidewalk and broad street subway entrance you see here. directly across the street from a guy selling newspaper on the medians, right now and christmas trees you see for sale right on the other side, right under where amtrak, septa and conrail, rail line pass overhead. here is video of how this all
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looked just before 10 whe the victim parked his cadillac and was inside this a plus convenient store on north broad street arguing with another man with the woman. thirty-one year-old and the two people, in the argument all came outside and ended with a dozen shots fired, into the victim, hit multiple times in the head and chest as guy and girl took off in another car. >> based on ballistics evidence we know at least 12 shots were fired from a semiautomatic weapon. we found 12 spent shell casing s, some just inches, some just feet from where victim had collapsed so it appears that the shooter was firing from very close proximity, to the vick tim. >> reporter: arguing all captured on store surveillance inside so police have good lit close-up pictures of the shooter and woman with them and then they saw the victim on the surveillance clearly animated as he got into what police called the initial verbal altercation inside the store and then seeing some of
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it happened outside. the man quickly was taken by police just four blocks up broad street in the einstein emergency room but karen and thomas police admit it did not look good from how it looked shots so close and so many times in both the head and chest. >> all right. that is disturbing. hopefully we will get these people off the street. thank you. we are following this developing news out of east mt. airy, search continues for a person who shot and killed a man last night. it happened just past 6:30 on the 100 block ofe gorgees lane man was shot nine times and taken to, einstein hospital where he died. developing, that attempted terror attack in new york city , surveillance video captures the explosion right here near port authority bus terminal in manhattan. suspect akayed ullah is a brooklyn resident who immigrated from bangladesh on úa family visa seven years ago. if. bi thinks he act add loan and the attack is not part of the
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larger plot. >> twenty-seven year-old attack was the only one seriously injured, he strapped the pipe bomb made with velcro and sip ties right to his chesting before nothing to that subway station. the device malfunctioned and detonated prematurely. three others suffered minor injuries. when suspect was arrested he told police that the attack was inspired by isis. now trump administration is pushing to limit immigration based on family ties. >> so we know that the president's policy calls for an end to chain migration, which is what this individual came to the united states through, and if his policy had been in place, then that attacker would not have been allowed to come in the country >> port authority police are now identifying these four officers as heroes who apprehend that had attack and stormed him, just moments after he detonate that had homemade bomb. officers are shawn gallagher, john collins, an anthony, they rushed to the area where they,
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see the explosion took place. that explosion was the second attack in new york city in less than two months. back on halloween when eight people were killed and 11 injured when a man drove a rented truck into people in the bike path in lower manhattan. news from delaware county, police are investigating a shooting that injured two men last night, sky fox over the scene which was ate tenth street and upland avenue just before 5:00 in chester. a 20 year-old was shot in the back side, three two-year old man shot in the arm and both are in good condition. four nuns remain, excuse me in critical condition after a head on car crash in delaware county, sunday night. police say a 21 year-old man drove into on coming traffic around 7:00, ramming in the nun's vehicle head on. fire fighter, some still dressed as santa claus they were in costumes from nearby event rushed into help. paramedics transported three sisters to crozer hospital, fourth and most seriously injured, an eight two-year old was flown to the trauma unit
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at penn presbyterian. nuns all live and minister in and around philadelphia. in montgomery county investigators are trying to figure out what start that had row home fire right there in norristown, flames broke out around 7:00 in the 5000 block of arch street. thankfully everybody got out of that building, safely. montgomery county karate instructor charged with sexual ly assaulting student is denied bailed. judge ruled evan scottberges could be a flight risk due to his international contacts. federal prosecutors say the 26 year-old molested two under age boys on separate occasions when they traveled to karate tournaments. berges who was an instructor at a martial arts studio in plymouth meeting has pleaded not guilty. lets go to gloucester county where they shut down a spa following a prostitution bust, police did a search warrant at blue sky day spa in the 5500 block of route 42 in washington township yesterday where they arrested a woman of china on prostitution charges.
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the washington township investigative bureau and home land security and immigration shut the business down. they have not released charges upper darby police have figured out who placed hateful signs outside a mosque a couple weeks ago but last night they made the decision not to file criminal charge as begins him. they say the six three-year old greek immigrant has mental health issues. surveillance captured him walking up to the mosque at 69th and walnut two weeks ago and placed hateful signs there and had another mosque a few blocks away. with help from the community police learned that he lived nearby. they say that they have given him a warning. >> if you go anywhere near that mosque or any types of threat or anybody we will file charge is a begins you and we will come after you. >> the man in question has been in the united states for almost 40 years, according to officials he is not affiliated with any known groups and never done anything like this before.
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happening today voters will be heading to the polls in alabama for that special senate election, biggest race we have had since the presidential election, is there your candidates, roy moore and doug jones the democrat making their final case. moore took a page from the trump campaign play back holding a drain the swamp rally with former trump aid steve ban on. he went after woman a contusion him of sexual misconduct decade ago. >> i ran five state campaigns, three county campaigns in this same county and never once was this mentioned. if you don't believe in my character, don't vote for me. >> it is time that we put our decency, our state political party. >> there we go democratic nominee jones also spoke about some of the sexual misconduct accusations during his rally. charles barkley was interestingly there. "fox news" poll has jones with the 10-point lead other have
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moore ahead, we will see when polls opened in three hours. big head line here sylvester stallone stepping out of the directing ring. >> yes is handing over reigns of creed two to another director. plus a new jersey officer under investigation, there is a suspect that is handcuffed, kicked and actually video of the whole thing? we will explain. first lets check the road, good morning. >> 4:12. we are looking live penndot construction crews on the southbound side of route 202. we will check rest of the cams as we say good morning to the parkway looking live downtown, the flag blowing but boy it will get cold over next couple days, scottie has your forecast when we com
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welcome back. fire fighters are still struggling to get a handle on the thomas fire that is burning in southern california it is the fifth largest fire they have ever had going back to 1932. there are still tens of thousands of people who are under evacuation order right now while others in the north are sifting through is what left of their homes. the red cross says it will be there to help everyone affect. >> we're entering recovery phase, trying to help people affect by these fires get back on their feet, they are going through hardest time they have ever gone through. >> thomas fire has already
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destroyed more than a thousand buildings and it is only 15 percent contained and expanding two counties and threatening coastal communities where those stars live like santa barbara. >> long, difficult process. 4:16. lets get a check of the weather as we head outside the door. >> hi scott. >> crazy weather over the next 24 to 48 hours. temperatures today in the mid to upper 40's, before an arctic blast, moving in late this evening, with a front that will drop those temperatures, into the teens and 20's overnight. now as far as what is happening, fairly quiet but north and west you can see a little bit of wintry precipitation. we will zoom in sections of the poconos also lehigh valley looking at some of that light flurry activity so a lot of this will diminish before it moves further on to the east but look at temperatures right new due to those winds from the south. forty-two right now in philadelphia. 46 degrees in atlantic city. forty-two wilmington.
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upper 30's in the lehigh valley. so average high, 46 degrees, for today, mostly cloudy, could be a passing shower, mostly we will stay dry the exception to our north and west this morning with those, wintry, precipitation, falling down, tonight, temperatures, bottom out in the lower 20's, blustery and colder with that arctic front, late this evening, winds gusting up to 35 miles an hour, for tomorrow , feels like temperatures will be in the teens and we have a threat of some widespread, light snow by thursday morning. lot at temperatures 42 in philadelphia look at the arctic air, far north and west , marquette, michigan, nine. international falls, 4b low. that is some cold air. take a look at some temperatures in canada, 27 degrees below zero. as we go hour by hour by tomorrow morning future feels like temperatures, what about 8 degrees, at 8:00 a.m. on wednesday in philadelphia. six in allentown.
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seven below in mount pocono. that is the arctic air heading in our direction. 46 degrees today. then by tonight in the 20's, 32 degrees that is it for the high temperature tomorrow and then light snow on thursday. we could have lingering flurries, into your friday, bob kelly, good morning. >> right back at you good morning. 4:18. elves are keeping warm with the campfire here with the yankee candle, thanks to kim with the els on the overnight. send me a picture where they are on this early tuesday morning waking up, the penndot elves are out this morning along 202, live look at route 202 southbound between 401 and booth road between malvern down into west chester. they are taking out what looks like that right lane. this is that whole stretch before you get to the 30 bypass that typically causes delays downtown, a live look at ben franklin bridge here
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looking good, wind giving us a work out here but a nice cool shot of center city. of course, we have that melt down refreeze, anything that looks wet this morning, especially on the ramps where they are banked on a angle if it looks wet it is most likely iced over. here's a live look at eastbound schuylkill expressway still closed here at vine expressway due to overnight construction, karen and thomas, back over to you. thanks, bob. happening right now sexual misconduct scandal spread to the sports industry, donovan mcnabb is accused of sending explicit messages to an nfl network employee when hired as an analyst there, nfl suspend suspended marshall faulk, keith evans and ike taylor pending an investigation into allegation of sexual harassment and assault. former employee claims faulk fondled her and demanded sex. she also claims evans sent nude pictures to her and that taylor sent her an explicit
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video. mario batali is stepping down amid reports of the sexual misconduct. four women are accusing the chef of inappropriate touching including one that said batali groped her chest. batali apologized saying that the reports quote, match up to his behavior. one of the other woman says that batali grabbed her from behind and held her tightly begins his body. along with his restaurant, batali will step away from his cooking show the chew. a group of woman who accused the president of sexual harassment have been sharing their stories, these accuse hours got littal tension during the campaign say it is time for congress continue on investigate their claims. >> about 12 years ago as a young receptionist in trump tower i was forcibly kiss by mr. trump. >> the president has repeatedly denied those allegations, and white house talk bit again, yesterday, here's to some of the accusers saying timing and absurdity speaks volumes, the american people voiced their judgment
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by electing the president. salem county new jersey now where a police officer finds himself on the other side of the law, officer charged with aggravated assault for kicking a handcuffed man. the arrest from thanksgiving day was captured by police dash cam, a home owner called penns grove police when he heard someone trying to open up his door. handcuffed man was a 22-year old college student who, according to his parents, takes medicine which can make him confused. as he tries to stand up officer george kicks him in the face. the home owner said that is not what he expect. >> it is not what is supposed to happen and what the police are here for he didn't look like a threat to me. >> that is not part of their assignment to sit that way. >> they are not assigned to kick anybody in the face. >> no, no, that is not what they are assigned to do that. >> the officer, a veteran of the penns grove police department has been suspended without pay. delaware state police have identified a 16 year-old,
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julian as a teen killed in the police involved shooting, police say state trooper stopped a car just past three on fieldstone court in dover. they say when they approached the car pitcher, in the passenger seat, flashed a weapon. police say trooper and teen exchanged gunfire, pitcher and a 18 year-old driver were struck. pitcher died at the hospital. uninjured officer is on administrative leave pending outcome of the investigation. we have been looking at eagles, sixers, eagles still strong, we have faith, they will forge ahead. >> but we still got our wildcats? lets go, nova nation, hi kristin. >> carson wentz is out for the year, but does that mean eagles season will take a turn for the worst? coming up why the team
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good morning i'm kristin rodgers. it was the news no one wanted to hear: carson wentz officially done for the season with a torn acl. through this adversity he is keeping the faith. wentz shared an emotional video on social media saying he is ready to support eagles as they still have something special this year. he says when he does return he will come back stronger then ever. >> this will not stop ming forward i will come back stronger then ever. i will use this as motivation and then i will attack it this whole process, as i recover. >> the phillies are bolstering their bull pen with a familiar
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face, they are finalizing a deal with pat neshek, a two time all-star traded from fail to colorado midway through the year last season. villanova the number one, new number one in the ap poll, wildcats jumped three spots this week, nova still undefeat ed this year now third straight year they have claimed that top spot. that is sports in a minute, i'm kristin rodgers. >> thanks, kristin. coming up at 4:30 we are following breaking news, from the logan section of the city. >> where a man is clinging to life. police are on the hunt for the gun man, bob kelly. live look at 42 freeway from gloucester county, light volume right now lets go to wilmington and say good morning waking up on a tuesday morning, as scottie has the really cold forecast, and, we will check lottery numbers as we get a cup of coffee and come right back.
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welcome back. is foles red i lets call him saint nick. maybe he will have a super we will in his sack of goodies, we will hear from the eagles backup later this morning. >> he will have to be ready.
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security heightened in the wake of the attempted terrorist attack in new york city and officers right there being hailed as heroes for springing into action. how about this one betting on the future? finally 200 million-dollar buy s the revel so what is next >> bad turnaround, 82 million, turn it around for 200 million not this guy. great to have you here, thomas drayton with karen hepp. >> good morning to all of you just joining the whole gang good morning bob kelly. >> it cost a billion to build. >> great deal. >> bargain. >> exactly. >> 2.2. >> the electric bill on that thing light it up for the holidays. >> hi everybody, a lot going on in the weather department. we are looking at temperatures in the 40's this morning but later this evening, there is an arctic blast that will be a shock to the system. by this time tomorrow morning we could have wind chills in the single digits. get ready to buckle up. ultimate doppler for the most part as far north and west we
4:31 am
have send returns in the northerly high valley and poconos, still off to the west , that arctic blast moving in late this afternoon and this evening and wind will pick up and those temperatures will be dropping but right now out ahead of the front due to the south wind look at the temperatures, it is 46 atlantic city. 42 degrees in wilmington. forty-two in philadelphia we have upper 30's as far north as lehigh valley. on average temperatures in the low to mid 40's throughout the day-to-day, a passing shower cannot be ruled out maybe a flurry for north and west but later on tonight those winds whipping, wind chills tomorrow , will be bitter, and those snow showers arriving for thursday, if you are heading out don't forget forecast 101.1 more fm bob kelly has a look at the road. you will need scarves and chap stick, good morning, tuesday, 4:31 live look at schuylkill expressway. eastbound down to one lane from 476 here near
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conshohocken into belmont avenue. they have one lane pattern, and just in the last five or 10 minutes we are seeing volume pop for beginning of the morning rush hour downtown we will go this is a live look at eastbound schuylkill right before the vine expressway all lanes are blocked, again as part of the work overnight down to the tunnels there at 30th street station. here's 30th off to the left there lights are on as we get ready for first trains to pull out of the gate. live look at ben franklin bridge, and 42 freeway in toward philadelphia this morning. mass trans note delays. karen and thomas back to you. eagles fans are still feeling it this morning, aren't we following season ending injury of carson wentz? well, this morning the qb has a message for his fans and it is all about keeping the faith lets go to lauren johnson rubbing the lucky rabbit's foot this morning doing whatever she can, hi there, lauren. >> reporter: if you follow carson wentz on his social media platforms he end most
4:33 am
with #aoone that is audience of one and for him that is god but he does understand the world is watching so yesterday he took to social media to address the fans and football and his faith. >> i necessity lord is working through it. i know jesus is trying to grow me something, use me somehow, some way, this is a great testimony as i go forward. >> reporter: that was first time we heard from carson since he sustained that season ending injury. we saw him hopping off that american airlines plane and he was coming back from los angeles with the team's win over the rams. it was a big win that came with a big loss, carson end up tearing his acl when he runs and dives in the end zone. coach pederson believes that injury came before wentz was actually hit, moments before he dove, yesterday pederson had a message for fans starting to react in a
4:34 am
negative way. >> you cannot lose faith. this has been a resilient football team all season lonyoun opportunity for me as a head football coach to rally the troops now might be the time. >> reporter: pederson wants to remine fans that the team just came off a tremendoustory, of course, it was overshadowed by wentz injury so it was bitter sweet but now it is giants this week behind the ball, backup nick foles and you know what coach doug pederson says he has his faith in his second guy he wants theee faith. >> thanks, lauren. i have confidence in that. 4:34. breaking news out of the logan section of the city where a shooting left a man gravely wounded. gunfire was triggered by an argument at a gas station. lets get out to steve keeley to explain what we know, steve
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>> reporter: we are on very busy broad street. this happened just before 10. people were buying, selling christmas trees here, but conrail, septa train lines, right steps from the broadway entrance, broad street subway entrance here at this a plus mini market a gas station where people were filling up and a busy store, so just before 10 lots of witnesses all over and lots of surveillance in this well lit, location, and as we go to video all saw what you are seeing here but they saw what happens before their eyes. thirty-one year-old man park his cadillac 10 feet from that subway entrance and last spot to the left, the clerk and others inside and outside the store, sianni hear a loud argument inside between the cadillac owner and man with the woman. argument then comes back outside and ends with 12 shots fired point blank into the 31 year-old. even just four blocks from the other direction up broad
4:36 am
street is einstein hospital where philadelphia police rush him in right before they could do as much as they possibly could here on the scene hoping to help him survive. they said dit in the look good but so far, so good at the hospital. >> fortunately inside that mini market we did find numerous cameras and it does show and did record the victim inside the mini market and we believe it also recorded the shooter who was inside the mini market with the victim when there was an all the case >> reporter: police often learn that many of the shootings in philadelphia often begin over a minor misunderstanding, someone takes it as disrespect that quickly escalates and this time where so many are carrying guns word don't end up in fistfights as much as gunfights and people are pulling their punches and instead, pulling out a gun and this may be another case like
4:37 am
that once police solve this one. >> result that shouldn't be, steve keeley in logan, all right, steve, thank you. heightened security in new york city after yesterday's attempted terror attack. >> investigators arrested a 27 year-old akayed ullah who detonated a pipe bomb near the port authority bus terminal. he strapped that homemade explosion turf his body and entered the nation's busiest subway system just underneath the bus terminal. he was unnoticed but then the device went off prematurely. four people were hurt, including the attacker. he told police he was inspired by isis to carry out this attack and set off the bomb as retaliation for u.s. air strikes on isis. right now philadelphia authorities say that transportation hubs do not appear to be targets in our area in the aftermath of what happened up in new york city. so you can see a lot of police presence that has been fortified there at suburban station and then 30th street station, investigating say they are ready to respond to any incident and would like to you stay vigilant as well.
4:38 am
>> i think after incidents like this we all see a spike in the number of calls from people. we want them to call all the time. we don't get tired of the tips and the tips are taken seriously. >> whether here in new york or anyplace if you see something, say something, call 911. 4:38. how about giving the gift of life. >> still ahead on "good day philadelphia" a new jersey rabbi comes to the aid of a complete stranger in his time rabbi comes to the aid of a complete stranger in his time this is charlie not coughing because he took delsym. rabbi comes to the aid of a complete stranger in his time this is charlie not coughing while not to waking zeus. and this is charlie not coughing while getting really into nana's party. nothing lasts longer than delsym for powerful cough relief.
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during the holiday season we have little won over running around but there is a call for total ban of window blind was cord. >> so dangerous new study in the journal of pediatric that is maintains they are dangerous, deadly for kid. they can choke on them and get strangled by the cord. >> nearly 17,000 young children were injured by window blinds between 1990 and 2015. most of those injuries were minor but almost 300 were fatal. most common cause of death children strangled by the hanging cord. now there is a plan to make cordless blinds the only option sold in stores. some good news for football fans on the go it will be easier to watch nfl games on your mobile device. my kid has a game in the middle of the big one i can watch, league and verizon have a live streaming deal that will allow fans to view games
4:42 am
airing in their local markets. it will be available on our verizon platforms like yahoo and aol that is free and regardless of the mobile network you use. new deal will take effect next month in time for playoffs. paying with that credit card american express is doing away with the hassle of signatures, starting next april american express said card holders won't need to sign anything. american express say situation are no longer necessary to fight fraud because of modern computer chips. wall street ratings firm says is there a colorado company buying the former revel casino in atlantic city, the price 200 million-dollar. moody's investor service says almost two and a half billion dollar casino will reopen in may under the ownership of ac ocean walk. here's the thing, glenn straub who bought the revel from 82 million-dollar is denying is there a deal. the scoop we know kate up ton a married woman.
4:43 am
>> we know that the husband could in the go to the big parade so they went to italy, so we will show you pictures. if your skin had a wash tag
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what would it say? 80% glowing 50% freckles no matter your skin type, all skin deserves gentleness. that's why dove is sulfate free. the #1 body wash recommended by dermatologists.
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a very special night, jews around the world will begin celebrating hanukkah, one candle on the giant menorah across from independent mall will be lit to mark the holiday. jew is festival of lights begins at sundown and
4:46 am
continues for eight days. lets check our road and travel getting around for our morning commute to start to pick upright about now. bob kelly. >> good morning. we have lights. 4:45. construction lights. live look at eastbound schuylkill expressway, been closed for most of the overnight all this week until five or 5:30 or so-so everybody forced off at 30th street or use vine expressway to cross town. live look at 422 for gang in for collegeville, royersford, time to make doughnuts, heading in toward king of prussia, live look downtown on the vine expressway, vine is opened but that stretch of the schuylkill between 676 and 30th street. that is still closed. kind of quiet from south jersey here on the freeway up toward walt whitman bridge. hello reading thanks for lisa for sending a picture of her house decorated for holidays looking good getting ready to celebrate christmas, santa claus on the front lawn, snap a picture of your home and
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post to it facebook, twitter, instagram and use that #fox 29 lights so we can make it a very kelly christmas at your house. i'm heading out thursday night , broadcasting live from somebody's front lawn, during the five and 6:00 o'clock newscast. i could be landing on your front lawn, is the front lawn going to be froze men scott has that answer in 15 seconds lots of crazy weather over next 24 to 48 hours an arctic front is blasting through here late this afternoon and evening off to the west. looking at ultimate doppler you can see a few light snow showers especially far north and west especially as we move toward sections of the poconos we may have a few flakes passing through but
4:48 am
temperatures across the area are above freezing. we have 38 right now in allentown, 42 in philadelphia, a look at temperatures down the shore already 46 degrees in atlantic city and wildwood. so temperatures for today will top out in the mid to upper 40 's, perhaps even 50 in some locations south ande. there could be a scattered shower chance but mostly staying dry in the lehigh valley that early morning wintry mix but take a look at temperatures 42 in philadelphia, around sections of the great lakes we have the 20's but look at international falls three below zero and lot at core of the arctic air around sections of canada that will dive in our direction. late this evening those temperatures will be dropping and then look at future feels like temperatures by tomorrow, 8:00 a.m. feeling like the single digits across pretty much the entire area during the day time tomorrow feels like temperatures in the teens so, this morning, that
4:49 am
disturbance bringing witt the poconos, lehigh valley a flurry or two, passing shower cannot be ruled out but bottom line that arctic air will be moving in during the day tonight. and tomorrow. now as far as thursday morning watching a quick disturbance that could bring light snow showers our way. so pretty active pattern, 46 today. thirty-two that is it tomorrow with feels like temperatures in the teens. thursday morning commute could be interesting as we track more chances for snow, thomas. >> you showed us those negative temperatures so we feel better about those. in chester county a family is certainly heart broken this morning some one chopped down a tree they planted in memory of their son. turner family said someone came into the yard in coatsville and sliced and halt away one of their trees. they planted the douglas fur as a family with their son david rotc member died of natural causeness december 2009. >> we thought some day greg
4:50 am
big enough to bring tonight to our home and use it as a christmas tree, the plan didn't quite play out like we dreamed. >> it is crushing it is american just the tree but just the meaning. >> turner's said their son just started serving veterans at coatsville va when he passed away so they started a charity to continue his work. their garage is filled with holiday gifts for those veterans, to continue in his memory. in chester county police caught themselves two grinches , east goshen township said they were taking tips, gifts residents have been leaving out for trash collectors. police caught them on up ton circle after the thieves hit mckenzie drive. two teenagers accused of multiple burglaries throughout sussex county of been captured by police. nineteen year-old eric stewart son and john jay california way face burr glare and conspiracy charges.
4:51 am
golf cart and other at problems stolen. employees found the golf carton nearby train track was stewartson on it, that might be a clue, police say he and other guy responsible for hitting a number of businesses and churches in the area. waiting game, continues. philadelphia. we have been telling you one of more than 200 applicants wait to hear if it has won bid for amazon's new headquarters. city council wants to know more. council members heard testimony about the proposal and strategy which could help lure in other businesses. council member derek green with members of the jim kenney 's administration spoke about staying on brand, throughout the proposal process. >> we already decided that we will continue to meet as a group on a monthly base toys work toward continuing to promote the city and developing tools that are not just structured for amazon or focused for amazon but in the long run. >> the way amazon says the
4:52 am
location of the second headquarters will be announced sometime next year. moving and grooving today a lot of break dancers out there a three day danza thon and day two for dance students in philadelphia participating in the non-profit dancing classrooms philly. rain boy teen semi finals happening right now. these are dancers you see on the dances with the stars, fox that the, waltz, nicely done, great news, everybody. they have been doing this since to 2007. about a decade. more than 20,000 students in our schools have been taking part. >> to the left, to the left, but every single beer an say beer in the box to the left because you may have to get rid of it. >> is there a beer being sold. >> to the left, to the left. >> with the name beyonce on it she's not having that one. she's saying
4:53 am
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welcome back. i want to tell but a new jersey rabbi's remarkable act of kindness that saved the lah of stranger. >> stranger was done hoy was born with developmental disabilities. he had been leading an independent life until his kidneys started to fail. when rabbi heard about they stepped up to see if he was a match and he was. >> my life has been enhanced, i was able to give an incredible gift to my children for them to see faith put into
4:56 am
action. if i could, i would do it again. >> surgery was a success, nicely done, donnie's back to leading his independent life. lets take you back outside get you caught up on the top store thinks morning we will begin at 4:56 with. >> steve keeley. hi steve. >> reporter: to show people armed with guns don't care sometimes who is around or what time it or where they are a prime location in prime time a guy fires 12 shots point blank in the guy outside a busy convenient store on broad street, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, steve keeley. head coach doug pederson says losing carson wentz definitely hurts the team but he has confidence in his new quarterback, hear from them both coming up after the
4:57 am
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happening right now on "good day philadelphia" carson wentz with a message to his fans. >> if we got everything we wanted in life it would be a did his sear. >> eagles quarterback relying on his faith and yes has high hopes why nick foles will continue to lead the team forward to a super bowl. breaking overnight search for suspects police are hunting for a couple after an argument at a gas station eruptness gunfire. sylvester stallone is stepping out of the directing ring why he will no longer be directing creed two, "good day philadelphia" at 5:00 a.m.
5:00 am
starts right new. wow, good morning to all of you, thanks so much for joining us thon tuesday december 12th, good morning thomas. >> good morning, karen. we have a lot to talk about. good to have you here. bob kelly, with a check of the road. >> good morning everybody. >> how is it shaping up. >> a little chilly. >> it is cold and will get colder. >> this is a heat wave compared to what we are getting. >> we have temperatures in the 40's. some could flirt with 50 degrees but an arctic front you said it, thomas later on today knocking those temperatures down and those winds will be gusting. weather by numbers on a scale of one to 10 we will give it a six. highs in the 40's but that arctic blast tonight will usher in bitterly cold air with wind chills in the single digits and teens. little bit of light precipitation trying to make it to the ground far north and west but the arctic front is still off to the west and look at the temperatures, 47 degrees atlantic city.


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